Township Parks

Monroe Township Elected Officials

Monroe Township has two parks maintained by the Township - Fair Oak and Monroe Community Parks. Fair Oak park is located on Fairoak Rd (Amelia OH) and has a play area and walking track. Monroe Community Park is located across from Twp Officers on S.R 222 (Bethel OH). It also has a play area and walking track.



Grant Rest stop across from the Birthplace of Grant on US 52 is maintained by the State of Ohio.

Bachelier Park Sports Complex is operated by Amelia Knothole Baseball.

Other Notable Places in the Township include (Information from remarkable Ohio):
• Mt. Zion Cemetery/Lafayette School
• US Grant Birthplace
• Grant Memorial Bridge
• Birthplace Of Grant
• Henry Clark Corbin/Colclazer Run

History of Fair Oak Park

Fair Oak Park is approximately 14 acres, located along Fair Oak Road in Monroe Township. The land was donated to Monroe Township in June 1979 by the North Monroe Township Civic Association (NMTCA) for development as a neighborhood park. In the 1970’s, the NMTCA operated a shooting range at the property which area residents stated was used once a week on Sundays for about 8 to 10 years. This area may also have been used as an informal shooting range prior to the purchase of the property by the NMTCA in the late 1960’s. An aerial photo from 1985 indicates that the property was not developed into a neighborhood park until sometime after that time.