Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department is responsible for township roads, parks cemeteries and maintaining township equipment.

Monroe Township Elected Officials

Maintenance hours are from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. Did you know that the Service Department employees do a variety of jobs, such as:

• Repair and service township roads
• Maintain and repair all buildings the township owns

It is important to know their duties, so you know how effectively this department uses your tax dollars.

Who is Responsible for Roads

Often, there are questions on who is responsible to maintain certain roads. The following is a brief description on road types and responsibilities.

There are FOUR ROAD TYPES in Clermont County:
1) State Highways, Interstate Highways, and U.S. Highways
2) County Roads
3) Township Roads
4) Private Roads

The Ohio Department of Transportation is responsible for State, Interstate, and U.S. Highways. For example, Interstate 275, SR 749, US 52 and ST 132. These roads are generally main thoroughfares of the county. The Clermont County Ohio Department of Transportation can be reached at (513) 797-6008.

There are 386 miles of county roads in Clermont County, which the County Engineer is responsible for: Bethel New Richmond Road, Crane Schoolhouse Road & Twelve Mile Road are a few examples of county roads in Monroe Township. The County Engineer can be reached at (513) 732-8869.

Township roads are public roads maintained by each township maintenance department. Examples of these roads that apply to Monroe Township are Bains Road, Dry Run Road, Hilltop Court, Pearl Street & Shirley Drive. The township road maintenance can be reached at (513) 734-6462.

Private roads are maintained by the owner or owners.

Storm Water Drains

While the township is responsible for maintaining storm sewers and open ditches along township roads (within the road “right-of-way”), many people are not aware that it is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain storm ditches or pipes on their property (outside the “right-of-way”), as well as driveway culverts. Here are some things you can do to prevent drainage problems:

- Clean debris from driveway culverts, allowing them to flow freely. Replace culverts that have become crushed or badly deteriorated.

- Clean debris off inlets and the tops of catch basins in your yard.

- Keep open drainage channels clear of yard waste and other debris.

- Don’t dispose of yard waste or other debris in ditches or down storm drain. In ditches, big storms can wash debris into storm sewer inlets and block them, resulting in backups that can cause problems.

- Keeping yard waste out of the storm system also helps water quality. Organisms that break down yard waste consume oxygen. If there is too much yard waste, oxygen levels can drop too low, and fish and other aquatic life can suffer.

- If at all possible, maintain open drainage channels rather than installing pipe. Open channels slow water and allow infiltration, while pipes eliminate infiltration and rush water downstream.

- Never dump anything down the storm drain. If you don’t know how to properly dispose of a material, call the Adams-Clermont Solid Waste District at (513) 732-7894 for guidance, or check

Clermont Soil & Water District

The Clermont Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, as authorized under ORC 901: 13 and 940. The District is located in southwest Ohio about 25 miles east of Cincinnati in Clermont County. The Ohio River forms our southern border. Clermont SWCD was established by local election of the Clermont County populace in 1943 to work with landowners to help address soil and water conservation issues.

Learn more about Clermont County's Soil & Water Conservation District at