Monroe Township Cemeteries

Monroe Township Elected Officials

Franklin Laurel - 2324 Franklin Laurel Rd.
Laurel Carmel - 1940 Laurel Lindale Rd.
Laurel Carmel Memorial - 1957 Laurel Lindale Rd.
Monroe Presbyterian - 2821 St. Rt. 222
Nicholsville - 2599 St. Rt. 222
Pt. Pleasant - 1649 Pt. Pleasant Cemetery Rd.

Please read our CEMETERY GUIDELINES so we may continue to improve our cemeteries and help answer any questions.

Please read our CEMETERY GUIDELINES so we may continue to improve our cemeteries and help answer any questions.

Call Neil Helton at (513) 460-0968 to make an appointment to buy a cemetery lot or to make inquires about the cemetery.

Cemetery Pricing

Residents (single grave)------------------500.00
Non-Residents (single grave)--------------1000.00
Interment (Twp. fee)-----------------------75.00
Cremation Interment (Twp. fee)-------------50.00
Deed transfer (Resident)-------------------50.00
Deed transfer (Resident to Non-Resident)--200.00

The interment fees are township charges and do not include opening and closing of grave.

Resident or Non-Resident is determined by the address of the person who owns the deed.

Resident is anyone that lives in or owns property in Monroe Township at the time of the purchase or transfer of the deed. A Resident must show proof of residency with a copy of a utility bill, or similar paper. A person who owns property in the township but does not live in the township can use a tax bill as proof of ownership. The proof of residency or property owner will be kept on file with the original deed.

Non-Resident is anyone that lives outside of or does not own property in Monroe Township.

The Non-Resident increase in price is to cover perpetual care of the gravesite since we do not collect taxes from a Non-Resident. Therefore, an exception to Non-Resident definition is if the gravesite was purchased for the interment of a Resident of Monroe Township.

Cemetery FAQs

How do I purchase a cemetery lot?
Contact Neil Helton at (513) 460-0968. He will set up a meeting time that is convenient for you. At the meeting he will show you the location of the various plots that are available and that meet your needs.

Where can I find information on the deceased who have been buried at the township cemeteries?
Contact Neil Helton at (513) 460-0968.

Who is responsible for mowing, opening and closing a grave, installing monuments footers, etc.?
The Township Trustees contract out all aspects of the cemetery to include opening and closing the graves and the mowing.

What is the policy on selling grave lots that I no longer need?
The township will buy back any unused "lots" at the original purchase price minus the cost of the corner stones.

When is it best to remove decorations from a grave site that I want to keep?
Decorations should be removed 14 days after each major holiday. This process allows for fresh or season appropriate decorations to be placed 7 days before each major holiday. The reason the township has adopted this time frame is that we want decorations on the grave sites that reflect the season.


*** The Monroe Township Board of Trustees is empowered, and required, to adhere to the Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 517 Cemeteries, for the management and enforcement of its cemetery rules and services.